Who is the team?

Ellizon (A.K.A. "Zon", the guy in the middle) is the owner, lead shooter, as well as lead editor (P.S. also writing this paragraph! :D). Esdras (A.K.A. "E", the guy on the right) is our second shooter as well as assistant editor. Stephany (A.K.A. "Steph", who is also Zon's beautiful wife on the left) is the co-owner as well as second shooter, head of customer service, and graphic designer.

Why film weddings?

We LOVE being able to capture "how it all began," it's truly one of the most incredible parts of every couple's journey. In general, we enjoy filmmaking on all levels but there is something special about weddings, we are able to enjoy the beautiful celebration of marriage alongside you and your loved ones! We have one purpose on wedding days, which is to serve your to the best of our abilities by capturing all the moments you may not be able to remember in 20 or 30 years. We allow you to enjoy your moment to the fullest without you having to worry about our part, video.

What is our top priority on your wedding day?

Our top priority is to capture the love and purity throughout the day. We want to capture it SO MUCH that your great great grandkids look back at your wedding video throughout their wedding planning process! This includes memorable moments such as getting ready with your girls/guys, nervously writing your letters to each other, seeing each other for the first time and BAWLING out of happiness as your dream becomes a reality. This also includes things such as capturing your loved ones, your great grandparents, even your newborn nephew or niece! We also capture the details throughout the day, such as the very expensive invitations or decorations that look absolutely LOVELY! Of course, we capture every important moment throughout the day that you can think of. Above all else, our focus is also to make sure you are having an AWESOME time and truly enjoying your day!


It would be our greatest honor to get to know you and be a fundamental part of such a special day in your life. We would love to capture your emotions, your thoughts, your expressions and your love. We want YOU to be able to relive your special day every time you watch your film.

Enjoy some of our films and if you believe we are the perfect videographers to capture your day, we encourage you to fill out our contact form so we can chat and get to know each other! You can fill out the contact form here.