These are just a few of the many heartwarming stories we have been honored to capture.

Emma and Zachary were a blast to film! They are definitely one of the sweetest couple's that we've been able to work with. This was filmed on the GH5 

After filming Dana and Dutch's wedding, we realized how much they are embraced by their loved ones. This was truly a celebration of the joining of two families.

Wow. This couple is truly in love. Just take a look at how Phillipe admires Desiree in their first dance. This is just a glimpse of what was felt on the day of their wedding. You could feel the authentic happiness and love in the air.

Jillian and Eric had their first look in the middle of the woods. It was such a beautiful and intimate moment, even their dog was able to enjoy!

The best way to describe this wedding is classy and fun! This wedding took place at the Millennium Center in Greensboro, NC. This history of this venue dates back to 1906. They had to have a red carpet at this wedding!

Liliana and Hector were gifted our services by their great friends, John and Sarah. How awesome is that! They are so loved by their friends and family.

All of the audio is in Spanish.